Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Five Weddings Triton Five Kilometers

This was the year of the wedding for me. I had five friends marriages. I attended three. The last wedding we received a gift, the newest family member arrived.
I am not Abraham and Gloria is not Sarah we received a Betta fish.

The bride met her husband on the dating website "Plenty of fish" and thought having a fish at the reception would be a nice touch. The bride asked Gloria if she would be interested in keeping the fish after the reception? Dr Dolittle aka Isabella heard about this offer and we could not say no.
During the ceremony I heard the familiar words "forsaking all others" and wondered why this seems so hard.
This problem has been going on for a long time. In responding to the Pharisees. Matthew 19:8 Jesus replied, "Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard."
I have been taught the men of Israel were leaving their wives for younger woman and were looking to be justified.

Back to the fish. I was a nervous wreck at the reception as I had a vision of something bad happening to the fish, such as a guest knocking over the bowl, or a guest pouring something into the bowl.
Finally it was time to take the fish to the safety of our hotel room. Unfortunately the parking lot for the reception hall was full so I had to leave our car at the hotel. This mean`t a very long walk for me.
During my walk three youths were across the road talking, and acting very aggressively. I wondered what to do if they started bothering me?
Fortunately the man in a suit carrying a fish bowl through the park late on a Saturday night attracted none of their interest and I did not have to find out. Next my arms started getting tired and I had visions of me dropping the fish bowl. I compared it to the point in a marathon when things start going South and I have to force myself to keep going.
Fortunately our fish survived and now resides in our aquarium.

I have learned a lot about this type of fish. Isabella named him Triton. Betta fish are native to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. I thought if I cannot go to Cambodia at least I have brought a bit of Cambodia to my home.
Betta fish have another name, they are also known as Siamese fighting fish. Triton would not get along with other Betta fish, even females. Triton has a very short list of other possible fish we can introduce him to. Triton in spite of his beauty will probably have a very lonely life.
When we turn on his aquarium light we noticed Triton would charge into the glass. We have since learned this is common with Betta fish as they are attacking their reflection thinking it is a rival.
My oldest Daughter Katarina always tells me "I give out life lessons." Sometimes I am learning them as well.

Triton charging into the glass makes me think about people who let other people and events from their past affect their present life. When things from the past are not dealt with and anger and bitterness still reside we become like Triton smashing into the glass. The people who have hurt us are long gone, the only person getting hurt is ourselves. In some ways until we learn to let go of these negative emotions the person/people who hurt us will always have control over us.

I ran a 5 kilometer race last weekend. A friend once asked me "for a 5 k race would you just get out of bed?" For this one that is what I basically did.
I had a cold\flu that lasted one month, this race was scheduled in the middle of this time. I was still awake at 2.30 a.m. coughing quite a lot, on the downstairs couch as not to disturb Gloria. I ate a bowl of Doritos and chuckled to myself thinking this is not the "carb loading" I should be doing. All in all I got two hours of sleep.

As she takes this picture Katarina says "try to look like you don`t want to kill someone."
Driving to the race I am coughing and my Mother in law is concerned about me running. I tell her not to worry, she responds she always worries. I think back to driving my ninety year old Grandmother somewhere a few years ago and how she was worried about her son. I told her son was sixty something, she responded "you always worry about your children no matter the age."
We are told not to worry in the Bible, but Motherly concern is a beautiful thing and I have been blessed to have every woman of importance in my life having this quality. In some ways I think God is concerned for us in the same way.

The start of the race is a bit exciting. There are many people at this event, I almost ran into a cameraman who was kneeling on the ground I guess to get close ups. I have always wondered how the first runners in a race know how to follow the course (Most of you who know me know I get lost everywhere.) This Sunday I found out. A motorcycle police officer leads the first runners. I know this because somehow I was one of the runners close to the front. The course is flat, the wind is strong, my breathing is very laboured. The 3km sign appears and I think of stopping to walk, this actually encourages me, for this thought comes to mind in every race I have ever run. I think of the reason why I am at this race and I continue running.
The 4km mark a huge hill starts and I get angry at the Race director who decided on this course. I think of people nearing the end of a difficult stretch in their lives and quitting before finishing, not knowing how close they were to finishing. I think of someone I know who has finished chemotherapy, and is now starting radiation, numbness in her hands, and for her every day has become a struggle.
I continue running to the end and came in tenth place. Isabella`s Principal saw me at the run and told Isabella "your Father is an excellent runner." Wait for it, yes wait for it, wait for it a bit more (I have waited eight years) Isabella answered "I know."
Today was not for my results, today was for someone close to me.

I just finished running the CIBC 5k run to end breast cancer with my mother in law and two daughters.
I ran for the past as I have lost two Aunt`s to this disease. Lois who is still remembered fondly and missed dearly. Karmella who sadly I never had the chance to meet.
I ran for the future. A future in which I hope my teenage daughter`s never have to fear.
One in nine woman in Canada will develop breast cancer.
One in twenty nine will die from this.
A sign at the event mentioned "since 1986 mortality from breast cancer has declined 43 percent."
I ran for the present. My Mother is a two year survivor.
Mostly I ran for you Katherine, my sister in law deep into your second battle with this disease.
At the start of the race there was a parade of ladies who were all cancer survivors. I long for the day when pain and fear are not part of your existence. I long for the day when you write, edit, and laugh again. I long for the day when your body is cancer free. I look forward to the day when you take part in your own personal parade.
Today I ran for you Katherine!





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