Saturday, 30 April 2016

Twenty Eight Days

I started reading a new book "The Locust Effect" by Gary Haugen. Not an easy read! I read a little and have to take breaks, reading what so many of the world experience on a daily basis overwhelms me. Reading of these people, and their pain, torment, heartbreak, lack of justice and overall lack of hope, is sobering. What really gets to me is how so many men look at vulnerable people as opportunities to exploit instead of opportunities to help.
This is not only a third world problem as my newspaper yesterday had the story of major arrests in a pornographic sting in which many of the victims were fourteen year old girls.
Again I question the choice of free will if this is what men are capable of.

Our aquarium has a new issue, mystery snails. Mystery snails enter a tank through plants, they breed quickly and can contaminate the water. We went to an aquarium to ask an associate for advice.
My family spent over one hour looking at each beautiful coloured species of countless fish of every shape and size. Earlier in the week a young friend from work was telling me what Bible verse he would use to convince an atheist of God. Walking around this aquarium and having my senses overwhelmed by such beauty I thought the best way to convince an atheist of God`s existence would be to bring the person here.
Even this eel, not Gloria`s favourite is beautiful in its own way.

The associate gave us a number of options. One was to add copper to the tank, this supposedly would kill the snails and not harm our fish Triton. Another option was to put lettuce in a jar and collect the snails when they go on the lettuce, the third option was to add something called an assassin snail, a snail that eats mystery snails.

We picked options 2 and 3. Option 1 is so much the way of the world when we have or create a problem. Eliminating snails through the use of copper probably would affect other things such as Tritons health. As with any major problem in the world, until we get to the root of the problem and solve these, we are just creating other problems with our solutions.

Today is 28 days away from me running The full Buffalo Marathon. I have started to "taper" which is when a runner after increasing their mileage every week for a number of months starts to decrease their weekly mileage until the actual marathon. I will continue this until my final week when I will run from Mississauga to Buffalo, not exactly an efficient taper week, in total I will run 126 miles or 205 kilometers in one week. To help with my recovery this year, especially when I run to Buffalo I wanted to add acupuncture. I know an acupuncturist whom I trust but her office is a long drive against traffic. I found a store within a mile of my house who provides acupuncture. 
My first meeting was amusing to say the least. The acupuncturist is from another Country so I do not know if it is her English as a second language that makes her words seem so harsh, or if that is what she really feels.
The first meeting she told me "my stomach is no good", and also pointed out five areas in my legs she had found issues with. I felt like telling her "you missed two." But thought better of making a joke to someone who was going to be putting needles into me in a few minutes. Later as she cleared her throat for another comment I inwardly cowered. Imagine my surprise when she said "you are in very good shape." Since that first meeting we seem to have an understanding of each other. She tells me "you are running too far, it is no good for your body." I tell her "I know but you cannot run two kilometers to prepare for 42.2" One day she asked me how far I ran the previous day. I answered 32 kilometers, again I cowered as I waited for her response. She told me "I was really crazy!" How can I argue with that?  I actually got her to smile as I responded if I wasn`t crazy enough to run this far she wouldn`t be getting my business. She than asked me how my energy was? I told her how many people do you know that can run 32 kilometers? I saw another hint of a smile.

Hands put your empty hands in mine
And scars, show me all the scars you hide
Tears make kaleidoscopes in your eyes
And hurt, I know your hurting but so am I
And hey, if your wings are broken
Please take mine so yours can open

Even when I`m breaking down
I`ll find a way to break through
Even if we can`t find heaven
I`ll walk through hell for you

Love, your not alone
Cause I`m gonna stand by you
Even if we can`t find heaven
I`ll walk through hell for you
Even if we can`t find heaven
I`ll walk through hell for you

As I reflect on my past seven marathons and look forward to the  challenges I face in the next few weeks these words from Rachel Patten`s song I`m Gonna Stand By You refresh me and resonate so deeply in my soul. I look forward to two healings, one mine. I look forward to crossing the timing mat of the Buffalo Marathon and writing the words of an old song bringing the end to a man made problem with a God made promise and solution. I look forward to adding another chapter in the story of the most unlikely advocate for young woman in Cambodia.



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