Saturday, 4 June 2016

Reverse Neil Boron

One week ago I finished my "reverse Neil Boron."  Which was a week in which I ran the 100 miles from Mississauga to Buffalo, and then ran the full Buffalo Marathon.
Physically it was the most I have ever challenged my body, and yet looking back I think I could have done a bit more. Sometimes I believe our minds are the only thing holding us back. We set limits based on our personal experiences and what the supposed experts tell us when to stop. Set your goals low for they are easily attained seems to be the thinking of today.

My first day I ran 19.0 miles or 30.6 km, I started in Mississauga and ended in Oakville. Early on the weight of my back pack was bothering me until I thought of the weight abused children must carry. I ran past two fields one vacant, one a prestigious golf course. I saw the dandelions as the children of the world who have suffered sexual abuse. We want them to go away so we can ignore their stories and tell ourselves everything is okay, it is easier to gaze upon beauty than to listen to brokenness. The golf course is fake! Ratanak International for 25 years has listened to these stories, allowed the people affected to tell them, and has provided the means to a new story (complete healing) It is an honour to help such a worthy organization.
Dandelions are beautiful!

My second day I ran 24.8 miles or 40 km, I started in Oakville and ended in Grimsby. I finished the day with many body parts starting to complain. Epson salt baths and ice packs helped me prepare for the next day.

My third day I ran 21.1 miles or 34 km (officially) Wrong turn added a few unofficial, remember marathon runners are not too bright. I started in Grimsby and ended in St Catherines. No one made an offer for the "antique" posing for the picture, so I guess I must keep running. I don`t know if Orange is the New Black, but Orange is the New Shoe. Other shoes` cushioning have worn out, and they will be sent soon to an Orphanage in Haiti.

My fourth day I ran 34.5 miles or 55.4 km. My father was there for my first three marathons and all four walkathons. A highlight for me was when he stepped between two marines and called my name in Boston at the 20 mile mark. He was my first and only choice for this challenge.  Part one of The Reverse Neil Boron is finished.

Neil Boron interviewed me and my family while I was in Buffalo. We presented the trophy to each other, it is reserved for those willing to run or walk 100 miles in support of Ratanak International.  After the interview I was nervously watching the weather as part two of my journey, the actual running of the full Buffalo Marathon was going to be run in near record heat.

The weather man was right on. My second hottest marathon run ever. Many times during this race thoughts of quitting kept coming to me. Something greater than myself was and is at work.

Now I am one week away from The fifth annual Ratanak 5kmwalkathon. Doubt is all around me. I set the aggressive goal of $30 052, someone from my group of organizers posted it to $30 252. A number we are only 10 percent of the way.
For me this will be a week of reflection and healing. I need to pray and try to get out of the way for this is to be a week of watching the Lord at work.

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